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50th birthday gifts : Best women's birthday gifts for 2018

We “women of a certain age” are dynamic, multidimensional women, with many interests. So, why do all those “dimensions” make buying gifts for us seem more challenging than wrestling with a pair of pantyhose on a hot and sweaty summer’s day? When that special birthday is at hand, why are we often stumped? What to get the woman who seems to have everything? To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a group of gift suggestions that will appeal to the amazing woman you know and love.

1. Fashion without the Fashion: Clothing is a very personal thing to try and purchase for someone. And unless you know specifically what that someone wants, a gift certificate from her favorite boutique might be a better (and safer) idea. But that is a little boring. Try this gift grouping that will make a splash for that 50+ fashionista, and be sure to wrap it up pretty: first, a subscription to Vogue Magazine is always a fantastic treat. Include a DVD copy of the movie The September Issue, the iconic film chronicling editor-in-chief Anna Wintour’s preparations for the 2007 fall fashion issue (it weighed five pounds!) And third, since everyone falls in love with Grace Coddington (Vogue’s longtime creative director) once they watch the film, include a copy of the book Grace, (Coddington’s biography) where she dishes about all things fashion — it’s a perfect piece to round out this “couture collection.” (This gift ranges from $13.95 and up, depending on how many goodies you’d like to include.)

2. Rent Mother Nature: We LOVE this gift because it keeps on giving. This gift subscription will provide the 50+ City Slicker (who thinks she’d rather be a farmer) with a connection to farming, without ruining her manicure. The premise of Rent Mother Nature is similar to a CSA, but it’s more direct because you actually lease your own little corner of a farm... or a beehive in the Catskills, a cocoa tree in the rainforest of Costa Rica or a cow on a farm in Massachusetts. And the farmer does all the work! The gift recipient will receive all of whatever the lease yields (cheese, honey, cocoa, etc.), and in turn she will be helping small farmers throughout the world. Now that is a gift to feel good about! (The gift leases range from $39.95 and up, with the majority in the $59.95 price range.)

3. For the Chocolate Lover: Perfect for one person or a group of friends, siblings, and moms and daughters (a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift too!). A chocolate tour like the NYC Luxury
Chocolate Tour (other similar tours are available in all major cities) is a great way to celebrate the BA50 who loves all things cacao. Traveling from one decadent shop to another and sampling chocolate truffles, bonbons, and a host of other luscious treats will send everyone to chocolate heaven. And if purchasing sweets as you go along is not enough, be totally decadent and add a Giant Chocolate Slab from Hotel Chocolat — another delicious layer to this delectable gift. (The cost of the 2-hour Chocolate Tour is $70 per person, and the Chocolate Slabs are $27.00 per slab.)

4. For the Beachcomber: A celebration on the beach for a summer birthday is a great way to bring out the child in any seashore-loving gal. Make sure there are lots of blankets, umbrellas, a big picnic basket well-stocked with sandwiches and goodies for the entire day, a cooler loaded with cold drinks and a few sand toys, then pray for sunshine (and have a rain date). But summer birthday or not, a great gift for the beach lover is a Burlap Eco Beach Bag from The Mayan Store, a company that is committed to the preservation of Mayan culture and aims to revive traditional techniques of Central America. They promote environmental and social awareness, and their products make use of recyclable materials. Fill this Beach Bag (or another of your choice) with a big fluffy beach towel, some sunscreen, lip balm, and a baseball cap or sun visor and a great looking pair of flip flops. (The price of the Burlap Eco Beach Bag is $92.50.)

5. For The Worker Bee: Whether the woman you know works behind a desk that’s located in an office building or a home (or a corner of a closet), that space still needs to look as beautiful as she is. Rablabs makes a lovely desk accessories set called Caro that pairs semi-precious agate stones with silver and gold-leafed boxes. Included are a pen cup, a letter tray, a business card holder, a trinket box, and a pen box (the pieces can also be purchased separately and prices range from $165.00 to $269.00). Any or all of the pieces would say, “This woman means business” in a very beautiful and definitive way.

6. Giving Back: For the better-after-50 woman who would rather give a gift to others, pre-plan a day with her at a local Food Bank, Homeless Shelter or charity she supports. The group of friends or family doing the planning could get together and make a donation to that organization in honor of her birthday. Make sure someone is there to take photos to document the day, so she can later be presented with a scrapbook of the event. (The amount of the donations are up to the individual gift givers.)

7. Dear Old Alma Mater: If the birthday girl still has attachments to the college or university she attended, a donation to a scholarship in her name or to the alumni association would be another gift that keeps on giving. A goodie bag containing a sweatshirt, hat, sweat pants, or fleece blanket from the school store would be a nice add-on as well. (Alma Mater gifts from University stores can range from $25.95 and up.)

8. I Want to Ride My Bicycle: Any lady who takes to the road on her bicycle will stand out amongst the crowd with a leopard helmet from Sawako Furuno. Too bad they don’t wear a helmet at spin class, right? The company claims they make helmets for “women who don’t want to compromise on style.” And isn’t that precisely like women after 50? (The price of the helmet is $150.00.)

9. I Smell Pretty: Who needs a bottle of fragrance when you can be wearing a hand-crafted, bronze or silver, amulette from Talon NYC filled with a delicate scent all day? The amulettes can be filled with a scent of your own, or you can choose from one of their custom-blended scents. (The price of the amulettes begins at $178.00.)

10. Bling It On Home: Because every gal loves some bling, if you are going to splurge (and at $800 we do mean splurge) we suggest a Tom Binns necklace... a little bit edgy, a little bit retro, a little bit traditional. Sort of like that better-after-50 woman you know!

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Women's best ab workouts program

You hear it all day err' day—work your abs, abs, abs. It’s the base of every workout routine, and the body part you most want to show off come summertime. But who the hell has the time to do crunch after crunch, only to see barely a smidgen of definition? Not you. That's why we went to the pros to find out exactly which moves will make a noticeable difference, fast. (Coupled with healthy eating habits, natch, because you know abs are made in the kitchen). Get ready to work it, girl.

1. Cable Twist

Your core consists of so much more than just your upper and lower abs, says Adam Rosante, certified personal trainer and author of The 30-Second Body. “Your core actually includes everything from your pelvic floor all the way up through your spine, and its job is to stabilize the spine while your extremities are in motion,” he says. This move forces you to maintain that core stability while rotating your torso, giving you an extra burn on your obliques. (Want to get in shape, fast? Check out Women's Health's Ignite routine created by Next Fitness Star Nikki Metzger.)

Try it: Stand with your right side facing a cable stack. Set the cable at chest-height, and take the handle in your right hand with left hand clasped on top. Extend your arms out in front of you. With abs tight, twist your torso to the left, keeping your hands at the center of your chest the entire time. Return to the start. That’s one rep. Complete 10 reps to the left, then turn to face the opposite direction and complete 10 reps rotating to the right.

But be careful not to: Pull on the cable, which turns it into a shoulder exercise instead of an abs one. “Really be sure to keep your hands directly in front of your chest throughout the movement, and visualize your entire torso working in unison,” says Rosante. Oh, and don’t sweat it if you don’t have access to a cable machine. Rosante says you can use a resistance band instead—just anchor it at chest-height to a sturdy object, then follow the same instructions.

2. Stability Ball Knee Tucks

Unlike a crunch, which puts unnecessary—and unwanted—stress on the spine, this exercise safely works both your abs and overall core because you’re working on an unstable surface, says Fabio Comana, certified personal trainer and exercise physiologist at the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

Try it: With knees placed on the center of the stability ball and hands positioned firmly on the floor, walk your body out to a plank position so that your butt, shoulders, and head are aligned. (“Imagine a stick is resting on your spine; it should make contact with all three regions,” says Comana.) Engage your abs and hip flexors to bring your knees forward. As they move toward your chest, your spine will flex, activating your abs. Hold the tuck for a second or two, then slowly return to start. That’s one rep. Complete 10 to 15 reps.

But be careful not to: Compromise your plank position. “Remember to get that straight line all the way across,” says Comana. “If your hips are sagging toward the floor or hiked up like a pike, it’s not going to be very effective.” And don’t slack off on that knee movement. If you don’t bring the knees forward enough to flex the spine all the way into your chest you'll only be working the hip flexors, Comana says.

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Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star destroyed vandalized Demolish...

Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star destroyed vandalized Demolished by James Lambert Otis
Donald Trump is always the object of critics, in two weeks the American presidential election. The star inaugurated in its honor in 2007 on Hollywood Boulevard, in Los Angeles, was vandalized, on Wednesday, October 26th, brings reports the American site Deadline . On Hollywood Boulevard, Walk of Fame gathers 2 500 stars of celebrities. They are selected by the chamber of commerce of Hollywood, explains Huffington Post.

James Lambert Otis declared to an agency of local information to have attacked the hammer and the pickaxe in this star. He originally wanted to extract all the star, to place it by auction and to pay the profit to the women who assert having been affected or sexually assaulted by the tycoon of the real estate, who deny these charges.
" I am not afraid of Donald Trump "

He did not however succeed in lifting the paving stone cemented in the road. " It was very difficult. The stone was as some marble " declared approximately one hour having vandalized the star in at about 5:45 am, a local time. James Lambert Otis added that he hoped to sell the pieces of the star taken and wanted to pursue his attempt of destruction later.

" I am not afraid of the prison and I am not certainly afraid of Donald Trump ", asserts this man who already says to have been stopped(arrested) about twenty times to have opposed several causes. The police of Los Angeles declared on Twitter that it investigated into the incident.

It is not the first time when Donald Trump's star is aimed. So, a mini-fort had been installed(settled) around this star, last July, to denounce(cancel) Donald Trump's will to set up a wall between the 
United States and Mexico.

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women's best age to get pregnant

Ask several women what they think is the ideal age for pregnancy, and you'll get wildly different answers. Those who give birth in their early 20s benefit from seemingly boundless energy and í¼ber-resilient bodies; the 30-something new mom is grateful to have established herself in her career before taking maternity leave; the woman in her early 40s delivers with a strong sense of self and few qualms about being able to afford diapers.

But for every decade-related advantage, drawbacks exist. While age is a continuum—your eggs don't instantaneously shrivel the instant you extinguish the candles on your 35th birthday cake, for example—experts have a strong sense of which broad age groups are likely to confront specific physical, emotional, financial and relationship concerns when they become mothers.

Of course, these are generalizations. "Age and maturity do not always rise proportionally, and some women in their early 40s may be healthier than their 20-something counterparts, thanks to excellent lifestyle habits," says San Francisco-based pregnancy and postpartum psychologist Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D. "Everything depends on the woman's health, energy, personality and perspective on life." While you can't change your age, there are steps you can take to boost your odds of having a happy and healthy experience, no matter how old you are. Here's what you need to know.

IF YOU'RE 20-25

YOUR BODY: Physically, your body is primed for pregnancy and its demands. Fertility is high (though 7 percent of women do encounter trouble conceiving) and the risk for complications, such as hypertension or gestational diabetes, is low. Researchers know that the younger a woman is when her first baby is born, the lower her lifetime breast cancer risk is, though the exact mechanism is unknown.

While younger skin is generally more resilient than older skin, whether you'll develop stretch marks is largely determined by genetics. However, according to prenatal and postpartum fitness expert Lindsay Brin, author of How to Exercise While You're Expecting (Plume), "Younger women have an easier time regaining their prepregnancy body because their fascia—the layer of tissue that covers the muscles and acts as a sheath to keep our waistlines compact—have not been stretched out by previous pregnancies and/or weight gain."

More immediately, you'll benefit from boatloads of youthful energy. "Pulling an all-nighter with a barfing baby in my 20s was hard, but it didn't take quite the toll on me that it does now," confirms Charlotte Hilton Andersen, 32, who had her first child at 23 and her fifth at 31. Andersen and her husband, who live in Minneapolis, started young because "kids have more energy than a drill sergeant. We wanted to be able to enjoy them."

THE BABY: "The younger a woman is, the younger her eggs are, which means they are less prone to chromosomal mistakes," says Richard J. Paulson, M.D., director of the University of Southern California Fertility Program in Los Angeles. As a result, your baby's risk of any chromosomal abnormality (1 in 500) or of Down syndrome specifically (1 in 1,250) is relatively low. Because your eggs are so "fresh," the miscarriage rate—12 percent in the first trimester—is the lowest it will be from this point forward (the average for all ages is up to 25 percent).

YOUR MATURITY LEVEL: "Life experience helps us clarify what's important and what's not," Bennett says. "A younger couple may find themselves ill-prepared for the stress of a new baby," leading to arguments and marital dissatisfaction. On the upside, youth may lend a sense of fearlessness that older women, scarred by friends' parenting horror stories, might lack.

The loss of spontaneity that comes with motherhood may hit young moms harder than their elder counterparts, who've already had a chance to sow their wild oats; after all, breastfeeding and last-minute Vegas getaways don't exactly mix. "I often hear mothers in their 20s say they feel old prematurely," Bennett says. "Suddenly, they can't run out the door whenever they wish."

YOUR CAREER AND FINANCES: Most young moms haven't yet had the chance to climb the corporate ladder, so they lack the career stability, nest egg or maternity benefits of women who work for a decade or longer before conceiving. Indeed, Andersen's family took a huge financial hit. "We definitely feel we're behind our friends who have fancy houses, nice cars and no kids," she says. Bennett suggests that a young mom who wants to get a toehold in a career while her kids are still young take online courses or work part time.

YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: Chances are your child will grow up with young grandparents, or even with great-grandparents: free babysitting for you (assuming the folks aren't off seeing the world) and oodles of opportunities for your child to feel loved.

But with more women waiting to have their first child, you might feel disconnected from your friends, even bitter toward your baby. "As one of the first to get pregnant, I felt like I lost an entire group of friends," Andersen remembers. "We moved out of the city and they stayed, going clubbing while we hit the children's museums and were asleep by 9 p.m."

Don't let jealousy or resentment mark your new-mom experience. "Make a list of what you think you lost and build more of that into your life," Bennett suggests. Miss going dancing with the girls on Saturday nights? Ask your partner to stay home; you can repay the favor next week.

You can also view this as an opportunity to grow your stable of friendships. "New friends offer fresh perspectives," says Diane Ross Glazer, Ph.D., a psychotherapist in Tarzana, Calif., who had a child in her 20s, 30s and 40s. "Because they are at the same stage in life, their advice and insights can be relevant and helpful."

IF YOU'RE 26 -34

YOUR BODY: "A woman who has her first child at 34 is likely, in health terms, to be 14 years younger than a woman who gives birth at 18," says University of Texas-Austin sociology professor John Mirowsky, Ph.D., who has led research on the subject funded by the National Institute on Aging. In other words, women who give birth in their late teens develop more health problems than those who wait until their early 30s.

True, natural fertility begins to gradually decline at 30 (the infertility rate for women age 26 to 29 is 9 percent, increasing to 15 percent for 30- to 34-year-olds), although the odds that fertility treatments will work remain high. But by delaying motherhood, women protect themselves from job, relationship and financial stresses that "make them biologically susceptible to disease and psychologically susceptible to poor health habits," Mirowsky explains. And fortunately, your energy and stamina should still be high. However, many studies have found the Cesarean section rate to be nearly twice as high among women ages 30 to 34 versus those in their 20s.

THE BABY: Miscarriage rates rise to 12 percent to 15 percent. Down syndrome risk remains low until age 30, when it is 1 in 1,000 and 1 in 400 for any chromosomal abnormality; by 35, the risk rises to 1 in 400 and 1 in 200, respectively. Children born to mothers who were 30 or older at first delivery are more likely to score higher in high school testing, a likely effect of advanced parental education and resources, says Elizabeth Gregory, Ph.D., director of the Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies program at the University of Houston.

YOUR MATURITY LEVEL: You're in a chronological hotspot when it comes to preparing for motherhood. "You still have the youthfulness of your 20s but are moving toward the responsibility and maturity of your 40s," observes Glazer. However, women who have spent most of their 20s in school (women account for 58 percent of adults ages 25 to 29 with advanced degrees) might want to delay pregnancy as they establish their careers.

Your body image may benefit from an age-ripened self-esteem. "In my 20s, it sucked seeing my nonpregnant friends in low-rise jeans and bikinis while I had my maternity belly," says Andersen. "But in my 30s, I was comfortable enough with my pregnant body to wear more body-conscious clothing. And after my third baby was born, I was more comfortable with my changed body than my friends who were experiencing stretch marks and mummy tummies for the first time."

YOUR CAREER AND FINANCES: "At this age, women often feel they're at a crossroads, career-wise: that if they choose the mommy path and stay home, they're saying goodbye to their career," Bennett says. "On the other hand, there's a tremendous amount of guilt and worry that if they return to work, their baby will bond with the day-care provider."

Bennett suggests that you decide what is best for you and your family at this time, and make a date on your calendar in six months to reassess. "Give yourself total permission to change your mind," she says. "That way you can stop obsessing and you're not locked in. Don't let fear make your decision for you—that always backfires."

YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: Mothers in this age group frequently enjoy strong bonds with fellow moms. And assuming you and your partner are both armed with emotional maturity, your relationship is likely in prime shape to handle parenthood. On the other hand, Sandwich Generation mothers "often find themselves pulled between caring for their children and their aging parents, which can lead to burnout and depression," Bennett notes.

IF YOU'RE 35 -40

YOUR BODY: One in 5 women in this age group will have trouble conceiving, with fertility nosediving at 38. Still, more children are now born to women 35 and older than to teenagers, according to a 2010 Pew Research Center survey. In fact, 1 in 7 U.S. births is now to women 35 and older (in 1970, it was just 1 in 100).

Hypertension affects 10 percent to 20 percent of pregnant women in this age group (versus 4 percent to 7 percent for women ages 20 to 25); gestational diabetes is two to three times more common in women age 35 and older than in younger women; and recent studies show the risk is even higher if the woman has gained weight over the years. Maintaining an ideal weight through exercise and healthy eating offers some protection.

THE BABY: One in 4 pregnancies among women in this age group will end in miscarriage, and the risk of chromosomal abnormalities goes up exponentially: At 38, the risk of any chromosomal abnormality is 1 in 100. While you can't prevent such abnormalities (aside from using donor eggs), accurate prenatal screening and diagnostic tests do exist. Women age 35 and older are more likely to conceive twins, regardless of whether they use fertility treatments, because hormonal changes increase the likelihood of multiple egg release during ovulation.

YOUR MATURITY LEVEL: Susan Lusty, 46, of Seattle, is happy she waited until age 38 to become a mom. "I had a life full of travel and adventure before having kids," she says. "I would have felt like I was missing out on the world if I had been saddled with a child in my 20s or early 30s." Gregory says this was a common sentiment among the 113 35-plus-year-old women she interviewed for her book Ready: Why Women Are Embracing the New Later Motherhood (Basic Books): "You have a sense of having seen the world and grown through your responses, so when you're ready to start a family, you bring more resources. You know yourself better."

But knowing yourself better means knowing what you like, and Gregory says older women may struggle with adapting to a new lifestyle, one that may require you to skip the yoga class you've faithfully attended twice a week for the past decade. Combat any resentment by recasting your new schedule in a positive light: Soon you'll be able to teach your 3-year-old how to Downward Dog.

YOUR CAREER AND FINANCES: By this point, you are likely to own a home and are able to start saving for your child's education. You've carved out your career niche and proven yourself at work. Lusty, who had been vice president at two public relations firms before her son's arrival, says she didn't fear a mass exodus of clients when she got pregnant because "they knew I'd be back." After his birth, she worked from home—a nonexistent luxury when she was younger and trying to prove herself at an agency.

YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: Your parents are likely retired or about to be, which means they might be freed up to help you. Eighty-five percent of women older than 35 are married, so ideally you'll have your partner's physical and emotional support. You've watched some friends raise their families and learned from their successes and mistakes, notes Gregory, who had her first child at 39. (Her grandmother had her eighth baby at the same age!) "Draw on them as allies," she says. "They can offer valuable input on their decision-making processes."

Then again, with more women delaying childbirth, you'll benefit from a community of women who are figuring out older motherhood alongside you. Cathy Gast Feroe, 62, from Larkspur, Calif., gave birth at 24, 25 and 39 and cherished this sense of camaraderie after her third delivery: "I feared I'd be the oldest mom on the playground, but I met so many other women having babies in their late 30s after pursuing further education and careers who could now take quality time for themselves and their babies."

IF YOU'RE 40-plus

YOUR BODY: Births to mothers 40 and older more than doubled between 1990 and 2008, from 50,245 to 113,576. Still, nearly one-third of women older than 40 will struggle with infertility. And rates of both pre-existing and gestational diabetes are three to six times higher. But waiting offers a silver lining: Women who have their first baby at 40 or older live longer on average, likely a result of enhanced access to medical care and financial stability.

According to fitness expert Brin, the average 40-year-old will have gained 10 pounds of fat and lost 5 pounds of muscle since turning 30. "That slows your metabolism and makes it harder to bounce back after pregnancy," she says. Maintain a regular exercise regimen during and after pregnancy and practice Kegels to counter age- and weight-related pregnancy complications, such as gestational diabetes, urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse. Join a fitness center with day care and remember: Lifting children is a weight-bearing exercise! Gregory notes that many of these moms will enter menopause when their child is a teen—a double hor- monal whammy that "might strike fear into a few hearts," she says.

THE BABY: Half of these preg- nancies will end in miscarriage, and the risk of chromosomal abnormalities nearly doubles from age 35 to 40 (it's 1 in 60 at age 40; 1 in 40 at age 42). Eldercare will be a responsibility for most children of older parents. Lighten your own kids' future load by purchasing long-term health care insurance for yourself, and do everything you can to stay healthy.

YOUR MATURITY LEVEL: New moms over age 40 often fully embody the "I can have it all— serially" philosophy. "They feel like they've done the things they wanted—whether that's climbing Mount Everest, practicing law or partying—before having kids," Gregory says. They report feeling more comfortable in their own skin and having more patience than they did in their 20s or 30s. Lusty recalls the week her second child was born, when she was 41: "My husband had the stomach flu and was quarantined. My grandmother died, I had no help, and both the baby and my 3-year-old were crying. I just laughed and thought, 'I can do this.' I don't know if I would've had that sense of calmness when I was younger."

YOUR CAREER AND FINANCES: By this point, hopefully, you've saved enough money that you can afford to hire help. Women in their 40s excel at time management, Glazer says, equipping them to effectively juggle work and parenthood. Data indicate that women who wait to become moms are more likely than others to keep working because they've got the clout to negotiate flexible hours as well as a decent pay grade. But considering you've already been working for 20-plus years, you may feel ready to dial back a bit at work, quit working entirely for a while or even explore new career options.

YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: According to Gregory's research, older working moms often feel more isolated in the suburbs, where many women are younger and tend to stay home with their children. Consider this if you decide to move, or consider joining a Later Moms support group. Be prepared to face some criticism along the lines of, "But you'll be 60 when she's in college!" "Ignore them," Bennett advises. Instead, cultivate the attitude, "We'll love this child so much and we'll launch her into the future with other loving, caring people." Ensure that your child will be cared for after you are gone by updating your will, establishing a trust fund and handpicking mentors in advance. "If you're in a position to love that child and give her what she needs, go for it and don't let anyone tell you it's not possible or you shouldn't," Bennett says.

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Drake trying to kiss Rihanna in speech pic VMA 2016

Drake trying to kiss Rihanna pic speech VMA 2016

Poor Drake has been roasted on Twitter after he leaned in to kiss Rihanna at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

The rapper - who professed his love with the singer - presented his friend with the prestigious Vanguard prize, and in a sweet moment he leaned in for a kiss, pecking her on the cheek and nuzzling his head .

Unfortunately for the star, Twitter is convinced he got "curved" and have taken aim with a number of playful digs after the 'awkward' moment.
A lot of the tweets seemed to suggest Drake - who said he has loved the Barbadian star since he was 22 - has found himself in the 'friend zone'.
Captioning the picture with what they thought RiRi might have said, one user joked: "One day you're gonna make someone really happy."

    "One day you're gonna make someone really happy."
    — Miss Carter (@KimmyBimmyWimmy) August 29, 2016

    It's so funny the way Drake is getting all soppy and declaring his love for Rihanna and she's just there laughing and dabbing
    — CocainePapi (@iLa_Corleone) August 29, 2016

Another wrote: "It's so funny the way Drake is getting all soppy and declaring his love for Rihanna and she's just there laughing and dabbing"

Many viewers seemed VERY amused by the near-kiss - despite Drake meeting her family backstage - with some taking possible inspiration from RiRi.

    When Drake murders the speech, confesses his love, leans in for the kiss and only catches cheek.... #Rihanna's Curve Level: God Mode
    — Oz Al Ghul (@letsgetfree13) August 29, 2016

    Rihanna wriggling out of Drake's kiss is gonna make Madonna's night #VMAs
    — Kyle Buchanan (@kylebuchanan) August 29, 2016

"When Drake murders the speech, confesses his love, leans in for the kiss and only catches cheek.... #Rihanna's Curve Level: God Mode," one fan tweeted.

Another teased Drake, adding: "@Drake the type to say: Rihanna didn't curve me. She just playing hard to get"

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How to prevent teenage obesity and eating disorders 2018

While the food habits of the teenagers in May seem to be one of the most mysterious of the complexities of the life, it really is up to the parents to try and at least to offer the most sensible and the modelling of orientation. With the concerns about the teenagers in the use of the unhealthy weights tricks and the obstinacy of losses problem of the obesity, American Academy of Pediatrics finalized an approach based on proofs to obtain our children simply well have to eat. And to be honest, the parents are to against a lot of competition - between the marketing junk food and madman's ascendancy of the unhealthy food of the floods the landscape in combination with the media and of the obsession of the thinness cultural, it is incredible to see a largest number of us do not content themselves completely short circuit. Or maybe to make for us and it is the problem.
No matter, the new guidelines make so much common sense. They can seem oversimple, but they work to build a robust pit(core) - and it is really at the heart of good habits. If we can offer to the children a frame(executive) of solid reference from which to make decisions, it is an anchor point who can last all the life.

The scientific proofs summarized in the new recommendations reveal that the parents(relatives) can adorn problems in both extremities of the weighty spectre simply by emphasizing a healthy lifestyle rather than the reduction with zero in the weight or the slimming diets.

" The scientific proofs more and more show that for the teenagers, it is to follow a slimming diet ", told by bad news Neville Golden, MD, professor of paediatrics the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Stanford and a main author of the new guidelines. The teenagers who are on a diet in ninth year may three times more than their peers to make some stoutness in 12th year, he points out. So, the teenagers need food! Calorie-comptage diets can deprive organs growing of the energy which they need and to cause(provoke) symptoms of the anorexia nervosa, even when the teenager can not seem too thin.

Five stages are recommended for all the teenagers, not only to those who can have weighty problems:

1. The parents and the doctors should not encourage slimming diets.

2. The parents should avoid of " talk weight ", such as comments on their own weight or the weight of their kid.

" The mothers who speak about their own body and about masses can, inadvertently, encourage their children to have the physical dissatisfaction, which we see in half of the teenagers and a quarter of the boys, declared Sgt Golden.

3. The parents should never tease the teenagers of their weights.

4. Families should eat regular meals together.
Family meals to protect against the weighty problems, although why behind whom is known with certainty. Golden thinks that she can be partially because the teenagers obtain to see their parents of the modelling of a healthy food(supply).

5. The parents should help their children to develop a healthy physical by encouraging them to eat a balanced diet and to exercise some physical condition, no loss of weight.

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Colorado mountain lion attack

Colorado mountain lion attack 2016


Summoned by the sound of screams, a Colorado woman raced to her front yard to find a terrifying sight: A mountain lion was hunched over her 5-year-old son, biting him.
The woman charged the animal, yanked away one of its paws and discovered her son's whole head was in its mouth. She didn't back down.

"She was able to pry the cat's jaws open," Pitkin County Sheriff's Deputy Michael Buglione said. "She's a hero."

The boy suffered deep cuts to his head, face and neck and was flown to a Denver hospital. The mother, who also had scratches and bites, is credited with saving his life.

The ordeal started Friday evening when the 5-year-old and his older brother were playing outside their home near the resort town of Aspen, Buglione said.

When the woman ran outside, she found the mountain lion crouched over her younger son, who was struggling to get free.

"The boy was completely under the cat," Buglione told The Aspen Times.

The mother grabbed the lion's mouth and pried it open, freeing the boy. She then scooped him up and ran away, the deputy said.

The boy's father had just returned from a run when the attack occurred. He jumped in the car with his wife and son and called 911 as they sped to the Aspen hospital.

From there, the child was flown to Children's Hospital in Denver in fair condition. On Saturday, a hospital spokeswoman told the Times she was not authorized to release any details on his condition.

The mother suffered bite marks on her hand and scratches on her leg, authorities said. She was treated and released.

The family members' names were not released.

The mountain lion was estimated to be about 2 years old and was not fully grown.

"It wasn't a big cat," Buglione said. "Had it been a 110-pound lion — which I've seen around here — this would have been a much different story."

Wildlife officials killed two mountain lions in the area within several hours of the attack. The animals were being examined to determine if they were hungry, diseased or just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Colorado is home to up to 4,500 mountain lions, and they sometimes wander into urban areas looking for food, according to state wildlife officials. Since 1990, mountain lions have killed three people and injured 18 in the state.

"They're wild animals. They find habitat where they can forage for food," Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Matt Robbins said. "When you have bunnies, you're likely to find foxes or coyotes. If you have deer, there is a good chance you'll find mountain lions."

The last known lion attack on a human in Colorado was in July 2015, wildlife officials said. A young lion attacked a man as he fished north of Dotsero, about 60 miles from where Friday's attack occurred. The man suffered scratches and bites on his back and was treated at a local clinic and released.

The lion in that incident, described as a small, yearling male, was tracked and killed.


Saturday, April 30, 2016

women right to vote usa

The 19th amendment guarantees all American women the right to vote. Achieving this milestone required a lengthy and difficult struggle; victory took decades of agitation and protest. Beginning in the mid-19th century, several generations of woman suffrage supporters lectured, wrote, marched, lobbied, and practiced civil disobedience to achieve what many Americans considered a radical change of the Constitution. Few early supporters lived to see final victory in 1920.

Beginning in the 1800s, women organized, petitioned, and picketed to win the right to vote, but it took them decades to accomplish their purpose. Between 1878, when the amendment was first introduced in Congress, and August 18, 1920, when it was ratified, champions of voting rights for women worked tirelessly, but strategies for achieving their goal varied. Some pursued a strategy of passing suffrage acts in each state—nine western states adopted woman suffrage legislation by 1912. Others challenged male-only voting laws in the courts. Militant suffragists used tactics such as parades, silent vigils, and hunger strikes. Often supporters met fierce resistance. Opponents heckled, jailed, and sometimes physically abused them.

By 1916, almost all of the major suffrage organizations were united behind the goal of a constitutional amendment. When New York adopted woman suffrage in 1917 and President Wilson changed his position to support an amendment in 1918, the political balance began to shift.

On May 21, 1919, the House of Representatives passed the amendment, and 2 weeks later, the Senate followed. When Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify the amendment on August 18, 1920, the amendment passed its final hurdle of obtaining the agreement of three-fourths of the states. Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby certified the ratification on August 26, 1920, changing the face of the American electorate forever.

Boston Woman riding scooter is hit, killed by duck boat filled with 30 passengers in Boston

boston woman killed
A 29-year-old woman was killed and her passenger was injured after the scooter she was driving was struck by an amphibious sightseeing vehicle in downtown Boston on Saturday.

The crash happened around 11:30 a.m. right near public park Boston Common when the vessel, known as a duck boat, collided with the scooter.

The woman and her male passenger were taken to Massachusetts General Hospital, where the woman died from her injuries, according to Boston police Officer Rachel McGuire. The passenger suffered non-life threatening injuries, McGuire added.

There were about 30 passengers on the duck boat when the crash happened, McGuire said. There were no other injuries.

Started in 1994, Boston Duck Tours float on the Charles River and stop at Boston historical spots like Bunker Hill, Faneuil Hall and Trinity Church.

Bob Schwartz, a Boston Duck Tours spokesman, said in an email that the group is cooperating with police and trying to obtain video footage to see what happened.

The cause of the crash is under investigation. No further details were immediately available.

This is not the first mishap on the nation’s roads and waterways involving duck boats.

A duck boat crashed into a charter bus, killing five passengers on the bus last year in Seattle. Two Hungarian tourists were killed in 2010 when a sightseeing duck boat was hit by a barge on the Delaware River near Philadelphia.

Also in Philadelphia, a Ride the Ducks vehicle struck and killed a woman in 2015 who witnesses say was crossing the street, distracted by her cellphone.

Duck boats were first used by the U.S. Army when it deployed thousands of amphibious landing craft during World War II that were known then by their military designation, DUKW. Once the war was over, they were used by civilian law enforcement agencies and also converted to sightseeing vehicles in U.S. cities. The DUKW designation was replaced with the duck boat moniker that is used by various tour companies.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Monica Lewinsky oscars 2016

monica lewinsky oscars 2016

Present, yesterday evening, in the evening the Oscars of Vanity Fair, Monica Lewinsky seemed unrecognizable... Would she Have succumbed to the plastic surgery?

Whole the world discovered the face in 1998 when Bill Clinton, then president of the United States, was accused of having a connection with her. Monica Lewinsky is 25 years old and it is during a training course made in the White House that she became the mistress of the most powerful man of the world. A connection which she maintained during almost one and a half year, between November, 1995 and March, 1997.

Since then, Monica Lewinsky made a way. At the age of 42, she became a fashion designer and a television presenter, among others activities. Physically also, the former trainee of the White House changed a lot. Finished kilos too and baby's face, the ex-mistress of Bill Clinton is a spread woman - and you can see it on the face. A so different face that we have even a little of evil to recognize him while the young woman made the flashes of the photographers crackle yesterday evening during the traditional evening organized by the magazine Vanity Fair in honor of Oscars. Lines of the face and the neck pulled, set expression... Monica Lewinsky was totally unrecognizable. Would she have succumbed to the plastic surgery? Bets are opened!