Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star destroyed vandalized Demolish...

Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star destroyed vandalized Demolished by James Lambert Otis
Donald Trump is always the object of critics, in two weeks the American presidential election. The star inaugurated in its honor in 2007 on Hollywood Boulevard, in Los Angeles, was vandalized, on Wednesday, October 26th, brings reports the American site Deadline . On Hollywood Boulevard, Walk of Fame gathers 2 500 stars of celebrities. They are selected by the chamber of commerce of Hollywood, explains Huffington Post.

James Lambert Otis declared to an agency of local information to have attacked the hammer and the pickaxe in this star. He originally wanted to extract all the star, to place it by auction and to pay the profit to the women who assert having been affected or sexually assaulted by the tycoon of the real estate, who deny these charges.
" I am not afraid of Donald Trump "

He did not however succeed in lifting the paving stone cemented in the road. " It was very difficult. The stone was as some marble " declared approximately one hour having vandalized the star in at about 5:45 am, a local time. James Lambert Otis added that he hoped to sell the pieces of the star taken and wanted to pursue his attempt of destruction later.

" I am not afraid of the prison and I am not certainly afraid of Donald Trump ", asserts this man who already says to have been stopped(arrested) about twenty times to have opposed several causes. The police of Los Angeles declared on Twitter that it investigated into the incident.

It is not the first time when Donald Trump's star is aimed. So, a mini-fort had been installed(settled) around this star, last July, to denounce(cancel) Donald Trump's will to set up a wall between the 
United States and Mexico.

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