Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Monica Lewinsky oscars 2016

monica lewinsky oscars 2016

Present, yesterday evening, in the evening the Oscars of Vanity Fair, Monica Lewinsky seemed unrecognizable... Would she Have succumbed to the plastic surgery?

Whole the world discovered the face in 1998 when Bill Clinton, then president of the United States, was accused of having a connection with her. Monica Lewinsky is 25 years old and it is during a training course made in the White House that she became the mistress of the most powerful man of the world. A connection which she maintained during almost one and a half year, between November, 1995 and March, 1997.

Since then, Monica Lewinsky made a way. At the age of 42, she became a fashion designer and a television presenter, among others activities. Physically also, the former trainee of the White House changed a lot. Finished kilos too and baby's face, the ex-mistress of Bill Clinton is a spread woman - and you can see it on the face. A so different face that we have even a little of evil to recognize him while the young woman made the flashes of the photographers crackle yesterday evening during the traditional evening organized by the magazine Vanity Fair in honor of Oscars. Lines of the face and the neck pulled, set expression... Monica Lewinsky was totally unrecognizable. Would she have succumbed to the plastic surgery? Bets are opened!

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